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There are often appeared brands with some error in the title in anime. The reason peculiarity of the Japanese legislation: if the studio hasnt agreement with the holder (possessor of the rights), but they want to depict something recognizable for everybody, so there will be CEKA COLA, RERCI, SMIKERS and NEKON.
ep.02 - 08:16 - SWAROVSKY
ep.01 - 08:16 - SWAROVSKY
However, in Russia such "imitations" existed in reality: in the 90's were a very common the Chinese counterfeits of the famous trademarks: Adidos, Panascanic, etc. The counterfeits become less after 2000 years, but it still come across, so that the SWAROVSKY shop can be interpreted as a hint of SWAROVSKI, and as "absolutely independent" Chinese brand (and China is much more closer to Vladivostok, than, for example to Moscow).

Other "fakes": camera NEKON in the first series, photoprinter EPOSN and chips Istrella in the second one.
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, : 90- : Adidos, Panascanic .. , , SWAROVSKY SWAROVSKI, ( , , , ).

: NEKON , EPOSN Istrella .
ep.01 - 04:47 - NEKON
ep.02 - 12:31 - EPOSN
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